WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms for WordPress, and it comes with a variety of built-in shortcodes to help you customize your online store. In this guide, we will explore the most useful WooCommerce shortcodes and how to use them to enhance your store’s functionality and design.

What are Woocommerce Shortcodes?

Shortcodes are small snippets of code that allow you to add dynamic content to your WordPress site without having to write any code yourself. WooCommerce provides a range of shortcodes to display products, categories, cart, checkout, and more.

Basic Shortcodes:

  1. Display Products:
    • [products] – Display a grid of your products.
    • [featured_products] – Display a grid of featured products.
    • [sale_products] – Display a grid of products on sale.
  2. Product Categories:
    • [product_categories] – Display a list or dropdown of product categories.
  3. Product Page:
    • [product_page id=""] – Display a single product by its ID.

Advanced Shortcodes:

  1. Cart:
    • [woocommerce_cart] – Display the cart page.
    • [woocommerce_checkout] – Display the checkout page.
  2. My Account:
    • [woocommerce_my_account] – Display the customer account page.
  3. Order Tracking:
    • [woocommerce_order_tracking] – Display the order tracking form.

Customizing Shortcodes:

You can customize the appearance and behavior of WooCommerce shortcodes using various attributes. Here are some common attributes you can use:

  • columns – Specify the number of columns in the product grid.
  • per_page – Limit the number of products displayed per page.
  • orderby – Sort products by date, title, price, etc.
  • order – Display products in ascending or descending order.

Example: [products columns="4" orderby="date" order="desc" per_page="8"]

Using Shortcodes in Widgets:

You can also use WooCommerce shortcodes in widgets by adding a ‘Text’ widget to your sidebar or footer and entering the desired shortcode.


WooCommerce shortcodes are a powerful tool for customizing your online store and providing a better shopping experience for your customers. By mastering these shortcodes, you can create a more dynamic and user-friendly eCommerce website.

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